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Spanish ing form
Spanish ing form

Spanish ing form

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Indeed that's often the case — but it can also be a noun, Learn how present participles, also known as gerunds, are used in Spanish. In Spanish, it is used to indicate several ongoing Nov 18, 2009 - I learned how to do this once but can no longer remember what form of the verb I supposed to use to make it the Spanish equivalent of adding Mar 19, 2011 - It depends, but one thing that you should realize is that the Spanish "gerundio" is not the same thing as the present participle (-ing form of a Hello. I am trying to figure out what the -Ing form is in Spanish, and how to use it. The present participle in Spanish ends in a form of -ndo, which is the equivalent to the English -ing ending. I have been having trouble finding the information on my own.abbreviation - Ing.7 posts8 Oct 2008ing verbal forms after "TO"4 posts1 Sep 2008Examples of -ing verbs translated as infinitives in Spanish 3 posts20 Jun 2007Verbs followed by to-infinitive, verbs followed by -ing 3 posts18 Nov 2006More results from forum.wordreference.comIntroduction to Spanish Present present participle in Spanish corresponds to the -ing form of an English verb. They typically Gerund Typically Used As Equivalent of Engish '-Ing' Verb Form. I am studying with Maria. (The present participle is merely the "-ing" form of a verb.) I am studying. It is used with an auxiliary verb (estar or andar) to form a compound tense. In English it is translated as the “-ing” form of the verb (for example, “speaking”), which has lead to the frequent May 6, 2009 - Hello, the -ing ending in spanish has 2 meanings, "ando" "endo" to say "is running" you use the conjugated indicative form of estar +An alternate name for it is simply “the -ndo form”. In English, present progressive can be used to describe what?Present Progressive Quiz #1 -?Present Progressive Test #1 -?Present ProgressiveTranslating English "-ing" Words to › › Parts of Speech › VerbsCachedSimilarWhen you see an English word ending in "-ing," you may be inclined to think of it as a verb form.
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